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According to some sources such as Wikipedia, Teak material modern furniture production, and teak is a kind of high quality timber trees. Large trees, trunked straight, it can grow 30-40 m of height. Large leafy and falls in the dry season. Teak is known for the world by the name as “teak” (English). This name is derived from the word Thekku in Malayalam, a language in the state of Kerala in South of India. The scientific name of teak is Tectona Grandis.

Teak wood has slow growth with low germination (it is usually less than 40% – 50%) which makes the process of spreading naturally difficult, so it is not enough to cover the demand for the teak itself. Teak wood is usually produced with old planting techniques or in generally by using the seeds which are produced by the teak wood.

In Indonesia, addition to Java and Sulawesi, teak wood is also grown in Bali and Nusa Tenggara. On addition to the several islands mentioned earlier, teak wood also began to be developed in several islands such as Sumatra and Kalimantan which aims to expand the planting of teak wood and to fulfill the level of furniture consumption increasingly in every year.

In 1817, Raffles noted that teak forests are not found in the Malay Peninsula or Sumatra or in adjacent islands. Teak only thrives in Java and numbers of small islands in the east, such as Madura, Bali, and Sumbawa. The hills in the northeastern part of Bima in Sumbawa are covered completely by teak at that time. Teak wood was grown in South of Sulawesi newly planted in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, much of the land in Billa, Soppeng, Bone, Sidrap, and Enrekang was in the process of reforestation. In Billa, the growth of teak is currently not inferior to that in Java and the stem of diameter may exceed 30 cm.

Teak Material Modern Furniture Production. And Teak Wood is known by the people as the 1st class type of wood. Due to the teak wood has a strong characteristic against weather and termite attack. In addition teak wood has a very strong wood fiber so no wonder if teak wood is classified as wood that has superior quality. But not all teak wood are classified in the superior class. Because teak wood also has the qualification from middle class to the low class, which means there are still some white wooden pattern on some sides of wood and there are some wood defects in some parts of the wood. As I explained in the previous article, Teak wood has several grade qualifications such as Grade A, Grade B+ and Grade B with each classification standard.

Teak material modern furniture production, teak wood can be applied in various types of furniture such as classic furniture and modern furniture. For the type of outdoor furniture, teak wood is suitable for raw materials for table, chair and various other types of outdoor furniture because the outdoor furniture has more simple design and not too much to using type of varnishing materials because most types of outdoor furniture more accentuate a natural character on Teak wood itself.

As for indoor furniture, teak wood has an important role as the main ingredient especially in the concept of modern and minimalist furniture, or as a combination of materials in industrial furniture that relies more on the strength of construction on iron materials. And for the final varnish, teak wood is very suitable with the type of varnish that is natural and not too much use of colors. Because it would be unfortunate if the good teak wood fiber will be covered by color varnish.

So here is our short explanation about teak wood material that we use as the raw material of furniture manufacture from Wooden Works Jepara. To view our selection of furniture products, please visit our catalog on our website page, or visit our Instagram page at @woodenworksjepara. For ordering info, please contact us through our WhatsApp and Email numbers.

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