Wood Materials Used by Wooden Works Jepara

At the beginning of the formation of Wooden Works Jepara, the concept we built for the first time is the concept of modern furniture which includes Scandinavian furniture, Modern Minimalist furniture, Mid-century furniture and Industrial furniture. In additional to several types of modern furniture we mentioned earlier, we also produce garden furniture with modern design and more simple products.

In accordance with our tagline of “The Quality is Our Priority”, we highly prioritize the quality of our products with the use of raw materials according to reasonable standards. In terms of raw materials that we use is in accordance with national standards and international standards.

For wood raw materials, we use several types of wood with grade qualifications ranging from Grade A, Grade B+ and Grade B. As for the wood choices we have among them are Teak wood, Mahogany wood, Suar wood (Trembesi) and Mindi wood.

We also have wood drought standards in accordance with national standards and international standards. For Grade B we use wood drought ranging from 18% – 16%. As for Grade B +, the drought reaches 14% – 12%. And for Grade A quality, the drought on wood reaches 10% – 8%. Which means using the above mentioned wood drought, we guarantee the quality of our products are able to survive in long-term usage, the risk of broken wood and wood bouncy is very minimal and almost nothing will happen to the product.

For furniture made from Teak wood will be very suitable applied in Garden furniture, because teak wood has more oil content than any kind of wood like Mahogany, Mindi, etc. Teak wood has advantages of wood fiber is stronger enough, therefore teak wood is perfect for outdoor furniture, but it does not mean teak wood is not suitable for indoor furniture. Teak wood can also be used as raw materials for indoor furniture, for example for the type of Scandinavian furniture and Mid-century furniture. Due to the design of both furniture has more simple form of construction and required wood which has wood fiber is stronger and harsher.

As for the type of furniture made of other wood materials such as Mahogany and Mindi will be suitable for indoor type of furniture. Because both types of wood has a very low oil content and vulnerable to termite attack. Usually these two types of wood are combined with MDF materials for the production of cabinets and other storage products.

That is a short explanation from us about some kind of wood materials that we use to produce modern furniture products.

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