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Short reviews furniture history from ancient times which developed to this present time. According to sources written by Wikipedia, in ancient times such as tables, chairs and cabinets were relatively easy to move from large boulders, walls, and roofs. While the word furniture comes from the French fourniture (1520-30 AD). Fourniture has the origin of fournir word which means furnish or home or room furniture. Although meubel and furniture have a different meaning, but it has the same meaning designated into tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on. In early years furniture was discovered in the 8th century BC in Phrigian, Midas hill, in Gordion, Turkey. At that time the furniture was found in a piece of table and chairs. And long before the 8th century BC, the researchers were also found that in ancient Egyptian civilization found relics from Centennium third century BC in the form of ancient bed in mainland Tarkhan. In addition to ancient relics of a beds, researchers also found relics in the form of gold-plated chair from the tomb of Queen Hetepheres, and many other examples (boxes, beds, chairs). In advanced of furniture designs are found in Ancient Greece in the 2nd millennium BC, including the Klismos bed and chairs. Other furniture designs are also found in the image of the Greek vase. In 1738 and 1748, there was a program of excavation of Herculaneum and Pompeii, then also found an old Roman furniture. Vesuvius 79 AD eruption helped to preserve this furniture. The furniture was detected from artifacts, prehistoric relics and it can be seen from the images of ancient relics. If it sorted chronologically, the history of this furniture dates back to the Neolithic, Classical, Early Modern Europe, 19th Century Neoclassic, Early North American, Modern, Green Civilization and Contemporary.

Based on short reviews furniture history, the development of furniture in Asia is very much different from the furniture which developed in the West. Furniture was able to develop with its own style and its own characteristics although it can not be denied from western accent which is still attached to the style of furniture in Asia. The influence of the furniture western style was brought about by the interaction of Asians with Westerners through colonialism, education and also information. Asian furniture with style emerged from the mainland of Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia, especially from the land of Java which is located in the city of Jepara and the other one is from the island of Bali. Apart from Indonesia, Asian style furniture also comes from China, Japan, India, Pakistan and Mongolia.

Indonesia has a unique style of furniture with a variety of ornate carvings and various ornaments. The furniture center in Indonesia is currently located in Jepara City where Jepara became the City with the largest furniture producers in Indonesia and even in the world. In Jepara there are various types of furniture ranging from classic style furniture, modern furniture, minimalist furniture, Scandinavian furniture, mid-century furniture, industrial furniture and many other types of furniture. The types of furniture include almost all the furniture needs of the house such as tables, chairs, cabinets, consoles, wardrobes, beds and many more.

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