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Furniture products which we produce have high standards quality, ranging from raw materials of wood, finishing materials and packing products. From all the stages we mentioned earlier show that we are the furniture manufacturer with best quality in the country. Therefore we are well aware that the packing stage is the part to consider. Starting from material used to wrap products, neatness in wrapping up, safety of the material against the goods we produced. Because this stage will have a big effect in the delivery process in the cargo.

The packing products using some materials such as foam sheets, single face carton and the last is cardboard. In addition, we sometimes add wooden pallets to protect items from friction or impact during the delivery process. The risk of scratched or damaged on the goods are very easy to get when the packing system is less than perfect. We strongly give priority to the packing process to do in properly. To avoid the damage on the furniture products when in the shipping process.

Because of the general problem that the furniture sent get damaged upon arrival at the destination address. That’s because the packing system is less of perfect and the security level is still low from the packing standard. In this article, we try to give you an idea of how we process the packaging of products in accordance with the standard work in general. Thus consumers will get information about furniture products that we produce and it will increase a trust into our company. Step by step we really observe that the products we produce will not disappoint our consumers.

All products we produce have 30-days usage warranty at the time when the consumers received the item. And the warranty applies when the goods have defects caused by us. For more details, you can check the terms of purchase on our Website. You can also contact us by Phone or WhatsApp to inquire the furniture products which you want to purchase.

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