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From ancient times the table was the main element of a room in house, whether it was a dining room or a living room, because everybody needed a table as a dining table or as a furniture to put coffee or so on. At the beginning, table was only used to be furnishings for banquets or furnishings placed in the living room, and as time goes by the table functions are increasing and more varied designs. The table is not only intended as a furniture in the dining room or living room, but now the table becomes a furniture which can be used to put the trinkets home decoration. It is precisely what makes us to manufacture modern table design products and be able to meet the needs of our customers for those who like modern table products with diverse designs. Modern table products are manufactured using quality assured wood materials. By prioritizing modern design and construction on modern table products which are able to guarantee the durability, our table products are well suited to be the primary choice for customers who love modern and innovative design concepts.

Our table products offer a variety of wood materials such as teak, mahogany, and several other wood options. The tables we produce include tables for living room, dining room table, dressing table which is placed in bedroom space and outdoor table or it can be called garden table. To see some table category options, you can see them in our products category selection on our website page.

Some of our table product choices are categorized in Scandinavian furniture designs, mid-century design, minimalist design, industrial design and other modern designs. Our choice of table products can be found on our Instagram page at @woodenworksjepara or on our website page in the table category.

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