Wooden Works Jepara offers several custom made furniture products for living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, garden furniture, etc. Especially for custom made sofa furniture, we offer products in a modern and minimalist design such as the concept we bring in the early build of Wooden Works Jepara.

As we know, sofa furniture is an important element in a living room or family room. The shape of the sofa is now also experiencing the development of modern design and more varied and more comfortable for used because the most important of the sofa is a comfort for the users.


Basically the sofa is made of wood or iron frame material wrapped with high-quality foam and fabric that can provide comfort for used and generally the sofa has a size for one holder, two holders, three holders. But as the age, the size of the standard sofa is now more varied because it adjusts the size of the owner of the room. So now a lot of sofas come with many option sizes such as four to five holders even have an L-shaped. The standard size of the sofa itself has an average size of 60cm and 50cm wide for it. But the size mentioned before can not be a reference size for the sofa as over time.

The wooden frame materials we use for our sofa products are teak wood and mahogany wood with drought wood average 14% – 12%. While the foam we use is foam with export quality like LG and some other foam brands. Type of fabric upholstery that we use as a wrapping fabric is a superior quality fabric and buyers can choose according to the interests of the buyers. To see some of the modern sofa products we offer, please visit our sofa gallery on the Website.

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