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This era there are lot of emerging types of furniture that carries the concept of modern minimalist furniture. This concept is chosen because this type of furniture does not need too much spaces and lot of ornaments. As we know that modern minimalist concept is also much influenced by the design of the building. And this time there are lot of buildings which have minimalist modern design concepts. Which means that the building does not require a large area to build it.

Previously, buyers only recognize types of furniture which mostly place carving ornaments and still using woods as the main material. The shape of furniture still use many accents on curves-typical style of East Asia and the Middle East. The merchants who anchored in Indonesia brought the big influence in culture development. Because Indonesia was the world trade routes at that time. So the influence of outside culture was very easy to spread in Indonesia.

Cultural influence also occurs in this type of furniture. From the influence of classic furniture brought by people from the Middle East, China, Japan, to Europe. Formerly, the elements of typical furniture of the Middle East and East Asia was very popular for Indonesian people. The great moment of furniture typical of the Middle East and East Asia lasted long enough. Until finally the influence of European culture came to Indonesia. Dutch and Portuguese were very influential countries in introducing European culture including the development of modern minimalist furniture design. Starting from the Scandinavian furniture design brought by the Dutch began to affect the furniture market in Indonesia. And until now emerging new designs of the Scandinavian concept modification. In addition to the Scandinavian concept, it now appears that furniture designs tend to add other materials such as iron, aluminum, stainless and resin.

The conclusion is

nowadays, the concept of minimalist modern furniture is more hunted by consumers. Due to the concept of modern minimalism is able to be the choice of consumers who do not have many enough spaces. This concept is able to be a solution for consumers who do not have enough room spacious and prefer to concept of modern minimalist.

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