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Furniture is an important element in the room whether it is home or other buildings. And the room will feel empty if there is no furniture in it. Especially when this furniture has a very diverse design development and it is able to adapt from the concept of the room. Starting from the classic furniture commonly used in ancient times, now it develops with the modern furniture of Indonesia.

Modern furniture Indonesia is a furniture that lifts the concept of modern furniture which the products are produced in Indonesia. This category includes in all types of furniture reserve generally for a room with a modern and minimalist concept. The criteria are the furnishings of living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, outdoor furniture and many others.

Several times ago we reviewed about how to choose good furniture for your room. And on this occasion we will try to give reviews back on how to choose the right furniture. In this case it is important to pay attention to the concept which is going to use for room decoration. If by chance the concept you are using is a modern and minimalist concept, then this article is perfect for you to make it as a reference.

Mix and Match Your Furniture

The main thing in determining the furniture for your room decoration is mix and match. Look for reference designs of modern furniture as much as possible so that you get the design inspiration which fits according to your room concept. When you get all the required things, then you must notice to the quality of furniture which you will order to. We can see the quality of the furniture from the materials used and construction on the furniture. In this case you need to remember that construction is the most important unit in the wholeness of a furniture. And good construction we can use as a reference to choose the quality furniture.

The Quality of Furniture and The Durability

A furniture with a good material will not guarantee the quality when it applies in bad construction. Because good construction can determine durability of furniture at the time of use and durability in relatively long period of time. Also notice the final varnish used on the furniture. Customize the material and color of the final varnish with the concept of the room you use or adjust to the function of the furniture. When you use modern concepts, choose a varnish that is able to highlight the natural side of wood and colors that have a soft impression. As for outdoor furniture, use a final varnish that can survive in all kinds of weather. And especially for indoor furniture, we highly recommend to choose furniture made of teak wood. Because teak is strong on weather and pest attacks.

So it would be our advice and explanation of how to choose the right furniture according to your room concept. Modern furniture Indonesia can be an option for you to apply to the concept of furniture for your room decoration. If you need some modern furniture to fill for your room, contact us immediately for reservations or just consult with us. Or you can visit our Instagram page at @woodenworksjepara to see more options of modern furniture products.

Embark on a transformative journey with modern furniture from Wooden Works Jepara. Our collections blend functionality with sophistication, ensuring a seamless integration into your room concept. Beyond a purchase, we offer dedicated support to guide you. Elevate your space with timeless allure and refined taste. Your dream interior is just a step away, and we’re honored to be part of the process with you.

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