The Development of Modern Furniture

These days furniture has developed very rapidly. Ranging from the development of the design, construction which is getting stronger, the raw materials are increasingly varied. This is because the level of furniture needs is increasing every year that continues to grow in line with the rising of developments in housing and residential sectors such as apartments and hotels or other types of lodging. Moreover, the level of furniture consumption is not only covers the area of Indonesia itself, but it has entered the international area that the furniture consumption is on the high level.

In Indonesia and other countries, furniture needs have increased higher and higher from year to year. This is caused to the increase in the level of development such as homes, hotels/resorts, restaurants, homestay etc. Furniture needs will not be separated from things like this, which in the end they will need furniture to fill every corner of the building spaces. In this case furniture will experience the development in terms of design aesthetics as the development of times. Because the type of furniture will be determined by the design of the room which has been created by the interior designers.

A few years ago most people only knew some kind of furniture, ranging from classic furniture and carved furniture, until finally emerged several types of furniture with more modern design and simple but still robust in construction. This alteration is largely influenced by the design of European more emphasis on minimalist design and not too much ornaments on the furniture. In the era of 80’s and 90’s appeared some types of furniture which mostly dominated by European designs such as Scandinavian furniture design, mid-century furniture, retro furniture until now emerged the kind of modern minimalist furniture that prefers construction rather than put more ornaments on the furniture. Not in rarely also most of the designers oftentimes add some additional materials such as iron, stainless to resin with the reason to minimize the use of wood in furniture so that this type of furniture is often called industrial furniture.

In Indonesia itself, especially some big cities, the consumers start to change their interest from the classic furniture to modern furniture. The tendency to redecorate their room makes consumers want to try to apply the new concept in their room by placing modern furniture and minimalist furniture. Wood works Jepara present to offer some kind of selection of furniture products with modern and minimalist furniture by increasing the interest of consumers with the modern and minimalist furniture.

With the classification of grade choices starting from A, B +, B will provide quality assurance to consumers as one of the trusted self-manufacture company located in Jepara. To ascertain more clearly about our modern furniture products we recommend to our buyers to visit our site or visit our Instagram page at @woodenworksjepara to know more about our choice of modern furniture products.

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