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Furniture is an essential element for a home. Furnishings are needed to support a beauty in the spatial order of a building whether it is a house or other buildings. In this article we will give some tips in choosing right furniture according to Wooden Works Jepara.

First of all determine the concept of the room that you will apply in order to facilitate you to choose suitable furniture according to your room concept. And currently there are a wide range of interior concept options for rooms such as modern minimalist, mid-century, Scandinavian or classical modern concepts. By choosing the right interior concept will facilitate you in choosing right furniture for your room.

We will give you an examples of room concepts for a simple dining room that has a modern minimalist concept. Tips on choosing the right furniture is to place a dining table measuring 180 cm with a width of 80 cm and a table height of 75 cm which is enough for 4 – 6 dining chairs. Or you can also choose a dining table set with a bench along the dining table. This concept would be perfect for those of you who have a dining room which is not large enough size. Some examples of modern dining table products, you can check on our website page in the category of Dining Room Furniture or on our Instagram page.

Other furniture options that you can place in your dining room are kitchen cabinets with lengths of 120cm, 50cm wide and height about 150-180cm. And more importantly, choose a final varnish that further highlight the natural side of wood on your furniture.

So here is our brief explanation of the tips in choosing right furniture for your room.

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