White Oslo Dining Set


Modern dining set called White Oslo Dining Set is absolutely become one of our recommendation product to our consumers who are interested in modern dining set for their dining room space. This one set product are included some dining chairs and one modern dining table with white top on it and also one comfortable dining bench. Purchase your order soon to get the best deal from us.


White Oslo Dining Set

  • Product Category: Modern Dining Set
  • Materials: Teak Wood, MDF, Fabric
  • Varnished: Melamine NC Natural, White NC Duco
  • Dimensions of Table: W-180cm x D-80cm x H-75cm
  • Dimension of Chairs: W-45cm x D-50cm x H-78cm
  • Dimensions of Bench: W-150cm x D-40cm x H-45cm

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Modern Dining Set

Available in Custom Size

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