Kama Chair

Rp 1,340,000


  • Product Category: Teak Chair
  • Materials: Teak Wood, Cane
  • Varnished: Natural Open-Pore Processed
  • Dimension: W-48cm x D-50cm
  • Height of Seat: 45cm

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Kama Chair

Meet the Kama Chair, an exquisite testament to the artistry of furniture design. Meticulously crafted to elevate your space with a harmonious blend of timeless teak wood and contemporary aesthetics. This chair is not just a seat; it’s a symphony of elegance and comfort.

The Kama Chair’s frame, intricately carved from the finest teak, beckons attention with its seamless transition into a unique backrest woven with delicate cane. As you trace your fingers along the meticulously carved curves. You can feel the warmth and richness that teak brings, transforming any space into a haven of sophistication.

The design of the Kama Chair is a dance between tradition and modernity. Its sleek lines and thoughtful contours tell a story of skilled craftsmanship. Ensuring that each element contributes to both visual appeal and ergonomic comfort. The teak frame, robust and graceful, stands as a testament to the durability inherent in its natural beauty.

Settle into the Kama Chair, and you’ll discover more than a stylish seat. The woven cane backrest introduces a tactile experience, inviting you to indulge in the perfect blend of support and style. This chair becomes a sensory delight, where every moment of relaxation is complemented by the touch of thoughtful design.

Versatility defines the Kama Chair, making it equally at home in indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether placed in a living room or adorning a sunlit patio, it invites you to unwind and savor the fusion of natural elegance and artistic craftsmanship. In the Kama Chair, each sitting becomes a moment of indulgence, where the artistry of teak meets the comfort of thoughtful design, leaving an enduring impression of refined taste in your living spaces.

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