Furnishing Elegance: Crafting Furniture Project for Harris Hotel Tebet’s Ambiance

In July 2019, we had the opportunity to weave an intriguing story with the furniture project for Harris Hotel in Tebet, Jakarta. Focusing on the restaurant area and hotel lobby, we brought a distinctive touch that merged beauty and functionality. The various pieces of furniture we produced, such as chairs and tables for the restaurant area, as well as sofas and coffee tables for the lobby, manifested our dedication to creating a classy experience for hotel guests.

The primary use of teak wood in our materials provided a warm and elegant natural impression in every piece of furniture we crafted. Combining it with iron for the table legs added a balanced modern touch, creating harmony between traditional and contemporary elements. With the addition of fabric on the seatings of chairs and sofas, we offered unparalleled comfort for guests relaxing in the restaurant area or hotel lobby.

This project was not merely a routine task for us; rather, it presented a valuable opportunity to add another splendid achievement to our portfolio. Throughout the two-month process, we not only focused on design and manufacturing aspects but also ensured seamless delivery and installation. Every detail was carefully considered, from material selection to furniture layout, to ensure that this project met the highest quality standards. With immense pride, we view the Hotel Harris Tebet project as a significant milestone in our journey as a furniture company. It not only showcases our technical prowess in designing and producing quality furniture but also reaffirms our commitment to providing the best service to our clients. Thus, this project not only becomes part of our history but also serves as inspiration for us to continue growing and innovating in this industry.

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