Giyanta Armchair

Rp 3,480,000


Giyanta Armchair

  • Product Category: Armchair
  • Materials: Teak Wood, Rattan
  • Varnished: Natural Open-Pore Processed
  • Dimension: W-75cm x D-70cm
  • Height of Seat: 42cm

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Giyanta Armchair

Welcome to the epitome of comfort and sophistication, the Giyanta Armchair. Immerse yourself in a world where teak wood and rattan seamlessly converge, showcasing a fusion of natural elegance and meticulous craftsmanship.

Crafted with precision, the main frame introduces you to the captivating allure of teak wood. The rich, golden-brown hues and distinctive grain patterns not only evoke a sense of timeless sophistication but also promise durability that withstands the test of time. Step into a realm where functionality meets aesthetic charm.

As your gaze travels to the arm frame, you’ll discover the artistry of woven rattan. Intricately integrated into the design, rattan weaves its way through the arms, adding a touch of delicacy to the robust teak structure. This union creates a visual symphony, a harmonious dance between strength and natural allure.

But the Giyanta Armchair goes beyond mere visual appeal. Plush upholstery, complementing the teak and rattan, transforms this chair into a sanctuary of relaxation. Each moment spent in its embrace is an escape into comfort, an indulgence in the seamless blending of materials.

Whether adorning your living space, study, or sunlit corner, the Giyanta Armchair adapts effortlessly to diverse interiors. This piece transcends trends, offering a timeless allure that complements various design styles. The journey into comfort and craftsmanship awaits as you sink into the embrace of the Giyanta Armchair, where every detail tells a story of refined living.

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